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The Spanish Language is the second most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese). There are more than 400 million native speakers of the Spanish language in the world. The Spanish language has left behind English as the most widely spoken language all over the world.

Spanish is also known as Castilian and is known as a Romance Language as it originated from a language spoken by Romans. Out of all the Romance Languages , Spanish is the most spoken language out of Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian.

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and in Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States. Spanish originated from Spain and had spread over and became the official language of 20 other countries namely Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and many other.

Spanish is also the second language in the United States. It is widely spoken in the United States as Mexico is on the border of the United States. Thus, Mexico has left the impact of its language on the people of the United States. Also, Mexico has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world.

The Spanish Language has come very much into demand now. We can get the estimate about the demand knowing the fact that there are more than 400 million native speakers of the Spanish language in the world.

Spanish Training is provided under four parameters namely Reading, Writting, Listening and Spoken.

The training is divided into three levels which are further divided into sub-levels and sub-levels are divided into modules.

This comprehensive program provides you with the tools you need to communicate effectively in Spanish. Whether you are interested in learning Spanish for work, travel or socializing, our courses provide you with the essential language skills and vocabulary to communicate with confidence.

The Certificate in Foreign Languages is a credential certifying that the student has pursued a rigorous program of study in a specific language or group of languages. It can be used for employment purposes, to boost a graduate school application, to lay a structured foundation of language skills to build upon, or to further one’s knowledge and skills of a language. A certificate in a language group can be used toward graduate work or other academic pursuits.

A certificate does not specify the level of language proficiency achieved by the student. This gives students the flexibility to begin pursuing their studies at the beginner or at a higher level. A student can obtain only one certificate in a given language.

We provide all Level of Certification in French which are as follows :

A1 Certification (Beginner Level)

A2 Certification ( Beginner Level)

B1 Certification (Intermediate Level)

B2 Certification ( Intermediate Level)

C1 Certification ( Advanced Level)

C2 Certification ( Advanced Level)

We focus on all the areas of Training like Reading , Speaking , Writing and Listening capabilities of French . We also provide Books , Study Material , Assessment and Placement during the french training.

A1 (Breakthrough or Starter)

Previous knowledge of Spanish is not required for doing A1 level.In the first level itself, the learner would be able to understand simple phrases and communicate with fellow mates. The learner can introduce themselves, ask about basic and personal details, about their place of residence.

At this level, interaction at basic level could be done which would enable the students to interact the Spanish language in initiation.

Communication would be carried out in present tense.

Time Duration.
A1.1 for 24 hours
A1.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration : 48 hours

A2 (Waystage or Elementary)

The learner will able to communicate when carrying out everyday tasks.They will be able to exchange information about habits,nature and family.

He/She will learn Past tense and will be able to conversate about past experiences and past issues.
Also,they will be able to speak about the issues related to their basic needs.

Time Duration
A2.1 for 24 hours
A2.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration: 48 hours

B1 (Threshold or Lower Intermediate)

A B1 learner will be able to understand standard spanish.They would learn how to form long texts.

Also,would know how to exchange words in majority of the situations.They will be able to produce texts on subjects that interests them.

The learner would be able to describe about their future plans ,their desires and hope and their opinion on almost everything.

Time Duration
B1.1 for 24 hours
B1.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration : 48 hours

B2 (Vantage or Upper Intermediate)

A B2 student will be able to understand and produce complex texts which may deal with concrete and abstract topics.

They would be able to defend themselves on general issues of their interest.Also,describing about the positive and negative points of different issues.They can interact with natives with a positive degree of fluency and the communication also becomes effortless.

Time Duration
B2.1 for 24 hours
B2.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration : 48 hours

C1 (Proficiency)

A C1 level student will be able to understand relatively complex texts and comprehend it’s exact meaning.

They will be able to use the language for different factors,that can be social,professional or academic.They will be able to produce well-structured sentences and make correct usage of grammar and form texts in cohesive structure.They can speak fluently without using gestures or take use of signs to express themselves.

Time Duration
C1.1 for 24 hours
C1.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration : 48 hours

C2 (Mastery)

A C2 level learner will be able to reform texts,sentences or reproduce information and arguments.The learner would be able to debate on different issues whether those be in any form,Written or Verbal.

At this level,they will achieve the degree of precision in addition to being fluent and spontaneous.

Practically,a C2 level student will be able to understand everything and anything that he/she reads or hears.

Time Duration
C2.1 for 24 hours
C2.2 for 24 hours
Total Duration : 48 hours

Learn Spanish online at any time from anywhere in the world.
InteliGenes offers Spanish language online as it is understood the need of our time having huge response for learning at our center. When you experience our online teaching your world of Spanish language becomes bigger, richer and more interesting. Because we have a easy, inspiring and effective online teaching way. Apart from the online class, using chat, video conferencing, phone calls, email, social media, bulletin boards, and more, you’ll stay connected with fellow students and faculty, building personal networks along the way.

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Services Available Round the Clock

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New and Improved Mode of Training

April 26, 2015April 26, 2015
free-online-coursesInteliGenes Technologies has innovates and improvised their mode of conduction according to the needs of Trainees or Candidates. Changes made in the mode of conduction are as follows :
  • Students can enroll for Regular classes
  • Students can enroll for Alternate classes
  • Students can enroll for Weekend Classes
  • Students can enroll for Corporate classes
  • Students can enroll for Online Classes
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New Batches Started

December 10, 2014December 10, 2014
admissionNew Batch of Following Course are going to start:
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Advanced Excel 2013
Sat - Sun (Weekend Batch)
Advanced Excel 2013
Sat - Sun (Weekend Batch)
Sat - Sun (Weekend Batch)
Tally ERP 9 (E-Accounting)
Mon-wed-fri(Alernate Batch)
Tally ERP 9 (E-Accounting)
Mon-wed-fri(Alternate Batch)
Photoshop CS6 (Graphics Designing)
Mon- Wed -Fri(Alternate Batch)
Software Development (Dotnet)
Mon-wed-fri(Alernate Batch)
Spoken English and Personality Development
Tue-Thrus-Sat(Alternate Batch)
Spoken English and Personality Development
PTE(For Australia VISA )
Spoken English and Personality Development
VBA(Macro Programming)
Mon-tues-Wed-Thrus-Fri (Regular)
C Language,C++ Language & Data Structure