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About This Course

VBA Micro Programming Training in Delhi | VBA and Macros are both programming parameters that are working on excel to perform functions of automated tasks. When these two terms are merged then it creates great impact on Microsoft Office users to be work manually systems by rectifying automated services. Basically, there is one common factor has been observed to differentiate these two terms which are, Visual Basic Applications are programming languages which perform to create Macros whereas macros are defined as programming codes of VBA language that run on excel environment.

What is VBA Macro Training?

VBA Macros are designed in a manner that mainly works on excel and uses the capacity of visual basic applications to provide multiple functions, and activities and forward the work in a rapid manner either in fully automatic systems or manual task performance. On the other hand, VBA macros are used to develop or write programs for Windows operating systems as well as the internal facilities of Microsoft Office like word, excel, access, and other programming concerns.

How to run VBA Marco in the excel!

Basically, users meed to interact or go through with certain steps while accomplishing VBA Marco programming where they can learn several functions to run this programming language. In fact, these two terms are interconnected with each other to reconcile the meaning window operating systems, that would be learn throughout training sessions.

Step 1. Open the work book that includes macros
Step 2. After opening it, on the developer tab, click on macros.
Step 3. Users can find a open button column in the excel sheet that enable VBA Marco.

What language does VBA use?

Window operating systems work on visual basic 6.0 programming language that makes desktop systems much smoother and more effective to work on multiple programming codes or functions. The training sessions are well developed by Inteligenes for VBA Macros programming in which each aspect are made with respect to soft skill parameters.

What are VBA types

There are numerous types of data in VBA that allocate working parameters and programming codes in each excel sheets to indulge with effective programming languages. Now, moving forward to discuss various types of VBA data that enable students learning structure.

  • Integer
  • Single
  • Long or Byte
  • Decimals
  • Currency
  • String
  • Variant
  • Objects
  • Boolean

What You’ll Learn

VBA Training course involves a wide range of programming software in excel as well as programming codes in an excel environment. Training sessions are well diversified and effective to make learning much more positive and impacted in concerned with modern parameters.

  • The course teaches how to create an excel macro while using a set of commands and programming codes for VBA programming.
  • Students learn how to enable developer options along with creating a message box and input box in windows operating systems.
  • Learn how to manipulate strings from different cells or raws, and explore learning in different Visual Basic Application Data for better learning.
  • The course involves how to make loops, functions, sub-procedures, and other activities of excel programming that would be beneficial to understand operating systems.
  • Learn skill development concerns under the guidance of expert faculties and trainers for better learning objectives and for living standards.

Don’t waste your time on poor-quality videos and confusing explanations. In this Excel VBA course, complex topics are taught in a simple way by an instructor with 17 years of experience. The content has been carefully crafted and clearly organized. The videos are high quality and include animations to emphasize points. Most importantly you learn VBA by doing.

“I have already tried some VBA classes but so far I was never able to apply what I learned to my own work. This course is different. I have already used some of the techniques Leila is teaching and applied them to my work files. I was able to reduce manual work for me and my colleagues by creating my own macros from scratch. Highly recommended!!!” — Randy Taylor

“Leila is the real deal… there are many VBA courses on Udemy (some of which I’ve taken) that merely demonstrate the functionalities. Leila explains the important foundation concepts and how the model is set up allowing you to truly create VBA code from thought rather than copying and pasting from various places. Her class is professionally constructed, with resources and content for each lecture, practice content for you to try things yourself, and good Q&A opportunities to answer specific questions. Trust me, this is the course you want to take.”

Introduction to VBA Marco training

  • Understanding Loops & Writing VBA Marco Code
  • Variables & More
  • Dealing with Cells & Ranges
  • Workbooks, Worksheets & Databases
  • Working with Charts & Shapes
  • Working with Pivots
  • User Forms & Databases
  • More User Forms & Example Application
  • Integrating with Word & PowerPoint
  • Additional VBA Techniques
  • Using Do While Loop & IF Statement in VBA
  • DO WHILE Loop Explained
  • Using FOR NEXT Loop in Excel
  • Using SELECT CASE Statement in VBA & Working with User Defined Functions (UDF)

Sneak peek into Excel Object Model

  • Deep Dive into VBA: Marco Theory on Variables, Scoping etc.
  • How to Save and Reuse your Macros
  • Dealing with Cells & Ranges Workbooks, Worksheets & Databases
  • Working with Charts & Shapes
  • Displaying Message Boxes using VBA
  • Understanding & Using Cells Object
  • File Handling: Opening, Reading & Writing to Files from VBA
  • Wrapping a Set of Formulas with IFERROR

Introduction to MS Access & SQL

  • Using Worksheets, Workbook Objects in
  • VBA: Example of how to save a copy of the workbook
  • Consolidate Multiple Workbooks into one using VBA
  • Delete Blank Cells & Sort a List using VBA
  • Generating Multiple PDF Reports using VBA Marco
  • Creating Spark-line Chart in Excel using VBA
  • Cleaning up multiple charts using VBA
  • Interactive Excel Charts using VBA
  • Animating Excel Charts with VBA

Understanding User Form Events & Working with Multiple Forms

  • Building an Application using User Forms & VBA
  • Integrating with Word & PowerPoint
  • Generate MS Word Reports from Excel
  • Create a PPT Slide Deck from Excel
  • Running a Macro when the user selects a cell
  • Showing & Hiding information using VBA
  • Text Processing & Analysis using VBA
  • Using Arrays in VBA
  • Building a Workbook Change Tracker App using VBA
  • Debugging & Error Handling in VBA
In the age of information technology, every person should be aware of the latest innovations. Modern programs, languages of programming, and so on are constantly appearing. Nearly everybody knows Microsoft office and uses it every day. But everybody wants to know how to work with it more efficiently and quicker. Do you want to find out how to make your work with MS Office, even more, better? You’ll learn it from this course teaching you VBA (Visual Basic for Application). This programming language will automate your work with MS Office and makes it easier.

After this Visual Basic course will be able to customize MS office for your needs. You’ll able to:

  • To write your formulas and functions in Excel, output pre-programmed messages, etc
  • To record macros
  • To create custom applications in such programs as Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
  • It’s only a part of the information you’ll learn
What this course will cover?

This course will provide you with a lot of information given below:

  • You will be able to understand how to work with Visual Basic
  • You will find out how to record macros
  • You’ll learn how to use loops and functions
  • You’ll be taught to create code in Visual Basic Editor
  • You’ll get information on debugging, and securing your code
  • You will be explained how to make dialogue boxes, input boxes
  • You’ll be efficient with XML-based files
Who is this course useful for?
  • If you want to work more effectively and efficiently using the program of packaging in Microsoft office.
  • Individuals working for IT-industry.
  • If you’re a freelancer and want to work efficiently
  • Who wants to be aware of the latest programming languages? This is for you!
  • Application developers
  • For people who are in business. The ability to use VBA will meet your business needs
  • People who prefer working in Microsoft Office Products
What are your benefits?

To say that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access are very popular programs is to say nothing. Daily Creation of documents and presentations and, of course, everybody uses outlook to stay in touch with clients. And in common, it gets a lot of time. Everyone wants to reduce the time spent on working with these programs and optimize their working process. It is important to learn how to use such. And this educational course will help you. The benefits are:

  • VBA programming is easy to learn and simple to use
  • Gets you to work done quicker
  • Gives you an opportunity to create your own applications
  • To run the database more effectively
  • To improve work with Excel and Word

Learning Objectives

Enhance your current Excel files & automate your work with VBA.
Master Excel VBA & Macros
Directly apply the Excel VBA example files included to your own work.
Reduce manual routine tasks to the click of a button.
Make your work-life easier.
Create simple solutions to complex problems by levering Excel functionality with Macros.
Formulas & Excel core functionality can't do everything. Use VBA when you reach a limitation.
Easily adjust VBA code you find online to fit your purpose.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel.
  • Demonstration is done with Excel 2016 but the techniques work with any version of Excel.
  • Excel on Windows (some techniques might work on mac, but I will not be able to support you).

Target Audience

  • Business Professionals who'd like to simplify & automate work flow.
  • Data analysts.
  • You currently use Excel and like to improve your skills.

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