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About This Course

French Language Course When a student tries to learn several aspects in form of learning foreign languages then it creates certain barriers to choosing any one language for better knowledge. There are thousands of languages in the world where students can opt for any one language towards a better life cycle. If we look at certain facts then foreign languages have established diversified learning parameters where students become proficient and follow their dream careers.

Apart from it, students can choose to learn any foreign languages that have several opportunities like benefits, key roles, placement opportunity, career opportunities, and much more. If we look at the world’s top 10 most spoken foreign languages then the French language is included in the list offering benefits rather than being the most spoken foreign language. The French language considers one of the well-diversified foreign languages offering a number of benefits that admire students to be part of this language learning. This is because of beauty, adaption, interest, opportunities, and much more, where students directly look forward to learning the French language.

French Language:- A diversified foreign language

French is a European language with 80 million speakers in Europe alone and if we expand the numbers then it maximizes to higher numbers with the great importance of learning the language. The French language has created a diversified mindset among students who want to explore their learning via learning foreign languages. Basically, the French language considers a romantic language because of its word knowledge, style of speaking, and other principles that make this language vibrant among all foreign languages.

In India, most learners admire making their career in the field of foreign languages where students grab multiple opportunities in this field. Furthermore, the French language is the most admirable foreign language in India that attract the attention of students who want to explore their learning with multiple career opportunities. There are many other foreign languages facilitated but students reflect their interest in French language learning because of various career advantages that are the biggest reason to learn a particular language.

The students who are keen to learn the French language, follow their dreams, get advantages, and much more then they should be part of a language course that enables various benefits and put language learning at different stages. The selection should be wise or effective that have a positive impact on your learning as well as on career opportunities.

Basically, the course should be designed in a manner where students learn different aspects, skill development parameters, personality development, and so on. It must not follow only the traditional approach of learning but also follow the modern approach of learning that creates a positive impact on language learning.

About the program

The French language course should design in a manner that includes advanced as well as standardized language learning that affects your learning as well as makes you proficient in the language. French language course involves various resources to make your learning effective in concern with modern parameters like fluency, reading, writing, and listening which are core parts of enhancing language learning skills. The French language course follows a set of instructions in which primary objectives and other principles are followed to make your learning effective and dynamic.

On the other hand, experts and teachers are there to make your language learning effective in concern with key terms that are highlighted in the modern era. The course follows dual aspects of learning which are termed online and offline for a better learning experience. Throughout the course of learning, students enhance essential skills that are related to the French language and many other foreign languages to explore their knowledge power.

The course evolves depth knowledge of language proficiency that creates a positive impact on students to learn a particular language with various indeed language learning.
An environment plays a vital role while establishing a vibrant impact of learning any foreign language because it exaggerates the potential among the students who admire learning the language.

Students learn grammar, usage of sentence formation, and much more which are core parts of learning foreign languages that establish the infrastructure of learning a particular language.
Students focus on four segments of language learning that are the primary concern of becoming proficient in the language as well as making you aware of several aspects of the French language.

The course would be facilitated by well-experienced trainers or teachers who would be there to guide and provide directions towards learning the French language.
Students learn keywords of the French language like the alphabet, numbers, words, phrases, grammar, and much more because it indulges proficiency in language learning.

Why choose the French Language?

The French language is one of the most spoken languages offering career opportunities in concern with modern parameters. This language is well standardized and diversified making students’ life well-established as well as admirable.
The French language makes you aware of culture, living standards, rituals, religions, and much more that are the beauty of learning the French language. Apart from it, students have a chance to enjoy their lives through various observations.

The French language offers highly profiled job opportunities like a translator, interpreter, French language consultant, psychologist, MNCs work, and much more that have a great impact on your lifestyle.
Apart from it, students have traveling benefits because it adapts to the culture of a particular regional language.
Basically, the French language offers a long living standard because of its diversified career opportunities that have a positive outcome after learning the French language.

Why choose French Language Course?

  • The French language involves depth knowledge of cultural and behavioral aspects where students want to develop their learning by being aware of their continent background.
  • Throughout the course of learning, students alter and develop essential skills that help in becoming proficient in a particular language.
  • During the course of learning, an expert guide provides better directions and top tips for French language learning where students enhance essential skills in concern with modern parameters.
  • Potential students join a particular language course because of better directions that are included in the language where students grab the advantages and become proficient in it.
  • The course enables various learning resources where students get better guidance and study material for French language learning.

This course enables the different approaches to learn the French language, as well as offering, standardized learning concerned with modern parameters.

  • Students are offered a virtual internship in the French language from a top institute.
  • Students are also offered membership opportunities either in form of full or partial membership.
  • Highly expert classes and top tips in the French language from teachers or trainers.
  • Grab placement opportunities from the best institutes offering high-package job opportunities.
  • Students become proficient in four stages of language learning which are core parts of language learning.
  • Fulfill all dreams which are related to learning the French language.
  • Improvise essential skills and development parameters that help in making your learning effective and dynamic.

The academy has designed a course on the French language in which the students will learn different aspects of the language like grammar, sentence formation, alphabet, and fluency in the French language.
The course is available in two forms offline and online, according to the preference of the students who are keen to learn the language.

Key Features

  • Delhi is a beautiful city that will engage your learning of the French language.
  • The academy is fully passionate about providing the best and most effective classes in the French language to learners of the French language.
  • Great and marvelous supervision in learning the French language would be provided by the institute.

Course Advantage

Upon completion of this course, you will receive,

  • Virtual internship certificate in the French language.
  • Membership at InteliGenes Technologies.
  • Top-class tips and master learning of the French language.

Course Details

The students will be having access to various resources regarding the French language like e-books, study materials, and so on. With eBooks, the students will get the best directions, video classes, audio classes, and so on. That would make you fluent in the French language. The trainers of the institute would help you in learning the French language because they have much expertise and knowledge that would rapid your learning.

Skills Covered

  • Fluency with perfection
  • Content Creation
  • Listening or writing skills
  • Communication skill
  • Personality development
  • Teaching skill

Why the French course?

Enhancing skills for better growth

With realistic and practical learning the students learn different aspects and improvised essential skills after learning the language.

Fluency in the French language

With getting learning environment and learning from highly expert faculty you would easily learn the language or could become fluent in the language.

Better guidance never stops learning

The teachers are well proficient and experienced in guiding you towards a bright future that would be beneficial for you.

Learning from expertise faculty

The students will have experienced and proficient teachers in providing the best learning and effective tips for better learning.

Program benefits

  • The course helps you improve or maintain your life standard.
  • Grab different career options.
  • Complete the French language course while you are working.
  • With the help, of course, grabs your dream job.
  • A French language course certificate from a top institute.
Eligible candidates
To taking admitted to this course, the students should,
  • From any class between 6-12
  • Graduate or pursuing student.
  • Any person or corporate person can apply.
Admission Counselors
  • The counselors have one vision to make you proficient in the language.
  • The counselors will guide and provide directions for a better future.
  • Solve your all queries related to language learning.

This course will you to develop the skills necessary to function in simple communicative situations, acquire knowledge of basic grammatical concepts, and foster an awareness of the various cultural aspects of the Francophonie Mondiale. Specifically, at the end of the course, students should be able to use basic vocabulary in simple contexts; use basic grammatical structures; pronounce correctly a variety of basic sound patterns; and, understand brief statements and questions.

This course covers the contents usually studied in a first-year university/college course in the French language.

Learning Objectives

french language
Verb conjugation
Ability to understand the grammatical structure of French
Ability to speak and engage in conversations on familiar topics

Target Audience

  • Want to learn a new language
  • Students taking university year one French
  • People wanting to travel to France or any other French-speaking country


A1 {Beginner’s Level}

This is a fundamental stage of French language where the student learns to use basic familiar, everyday words and sentences, which are very much needed in day to day conversation. After completing this level at InteliGenes the student can introduce him/herself and even others and can build small dialogues.

A2 { Intermediate Level }

After the successful completion of this level at InteliGenes the student can understand sentences and words which are commonly attached with routine or day-to-day themes i.e. personal or his/her family information, professional experiences, or immediate surroundings. The students can build dialogues and get in conversation with another French speaker on themes relating to simple, day-to-day situations.

B1 {Advance Level}

After the successful completion of this level at InteliGenes the student gets familiar with standard language which helps them to get acquitted to topics related to professional life and cultural diversity and starts to learn to read small texts or books on simple day to day themes and concerns. The student after this level can express their emotions and dreams or put forward their opinion on many debatable topics.

B2 {Advance Level}

This is one of the major level in French language. After the successful completion of this level at InteliGenes the student acquires the ability to understand the concerns and thematic issues of not only simple texts but also the complex one. We at InteliGenes train and encourage the students at this level to understand and take part in specialized discussions relating to his/her specialization. The fluency and the conversational part is a vital part of this level wherein the students can now converse fluently with the native French speakers without any hesitation.

C1 { Proficiency Level}

At this level the student enters the higher level of the language. After the successful completion of this level at InteliGenes, the student can now easily read and speak on various challenging longer texts. The student gets familiar with dealing not only literary books or issues but also scientific ones too. The student at this level acquires the effectiveness and flexibility to converse and write in the field of his specialization.

C2 {Master Level}

This is the highest level of the language where we at InteliGenes basically focus on brushing up the skills of the student. At this level, the trainer transforms him/herself into a moderator. He helps the student to acquire that level wherein he /she can effortlessly understand practically everything he/she reads or hears. Learn French online at any time from anywhere in the world. InteliGenes offers the French language online as it is understood the need of our time having a huge response for learning at our center. When you experience our online teaching your world of the French language becomes bigger, richer, and more interesting. Because we have an easy, inspiring, and effective online teaching way. Apart from the online class, using chat, video conferencing, phone calls, email, social media, bulletin boards, and more, you’ll stay connected with fellow students and faculty, building personal networks along the way.

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