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About This Course

Tableau Certification Training in Delhi is one of the most popular data-driven tools that businesses and organizations use this tool for better growth and development in the intelligence field. Tableau is a kind of software company that offers a wide range of data visualization software to different companies to work with effective information analytics.

Several companies use tableau for multiple processes like visualization of data, providing accurate analysis in business intelligence, and making data-driven facilities muchly more understandable for better growth and development. This tool is especially indulged with data working segments which have the main motive to provide accurate information for business work performance.

What does Tableau mean?

Tableau is the largest visualization platform where people and organizations make more analytics of data, to provide accurate data-driven factors for the purpose of business growth and insights into data solutions. With this, data can easily manage and store to provide aid to management for business Intelligence and world modernization. This tool enables various benefits to the business cycle to get over data misrepresentation, false collection, duplicity, and another ineffective purpose of data usage. Along with this, business decisions and hidden problems can easily get verified through a set of software processes.

Types of Tableau

Tableau is a powerful and much worthy software in the modern era for business standards and intelligence to diversify the business field as well as provide better decision-making concerns. Now moving forward to discuss those three types which make this tool much more comfortable to use it;

  • Tableau Desktop, this product suite has the great advantage to work on code and customize reports, where charts have been prepared and merged together from a dashboard.
  • Tableau Public, this tool is for every individual where minimum security and benefits are evolved, specially designed for cost-effective users to work on a small platform.
  • Tableau Server is a platform where workbooks and visualization are shared but these aspects should be saved on the Tableau desktop so that, terms can be shared but can be accessible by the users who have taken a license for that.
  • Tableau online, It’s the same platform as the tableau server where works are shared in the cloud but has a minor difference which is a storage issue that can’t be there in online tableau and vise versa.
  • Tableau Reader, It’s a free platform of tableau where readers can read the workbooks and visualizations that are shared on the tableau server or online.

Hours of professional Tableau training, unique datasets designed with years of industry experience in mind, and engaging exercises that are both fun and also give you a taste of Analytics of the REAL WORLD.

In this Tableau Certification Training in Delhi you will learn:

  • The course teaches multiple data analytics methods for data manipulation, consolidation, gathering of data from spreadsheets, and many more.
  • Learn how to visualize data from multiple servers and segments to combine it for useful processes in business intelligence.
  • Students will be learning different types of tableau that are key concepts for data integration and management for better work performance.
  • Explore different skills in data analytics and informative processes to indulge in dynamic growth in intelligence.
  • Learn how to create a data-driven approach for several data functions and procurement for business growth and development processing.
  • How to use Groups and Sets to increase your work efficiency 10x
  • How to use Dynamic Sets
  • How to Control Sets With Parameters
  • Everything about Table Calculations and how to use their power in your analysis
  • How to perform Analytics and Data Mining in Tableau
  • How to create Animations in Tableau
  • And much, much more!

Each module is independent so you can start learning from wherever you see fit. The more you learn the better you will get. However, you can stop at any time you will still have a strong set of skills to take with you.

Tableau Certification Training in Delhi | About the Course

The course is designed in a manner where students emphasize learning on tableau software to learn the key concepts of different tools which are used in it. With this, the course simply focuses on various learning aspects without creating huge barriers to language learning.

However, experts are there to help with each aspect of business growth, and Intelligence is a key part of tableau software to visualize the data and other aspects.

The course offers various scheduled classes and practical sessions to make students much more comfortable in using different tools of a tableau to get insights while using data to promote understandable data information to get better intelligence in the organization field.

Enroll on Course

Tableau Certification Training in Delhi is highly profiled as well as standardized to offer numerous advantages along with better learning objectives.

The course involves;

  • Download E-materials of tableau software and tip tips in different tools.
  • Grab practical sessions on using tableau software and live sessions to indulge in software learning.
  • Masterclasses are facilitated by experts and expert trainers for a better learning experience.

Each module is based on a unique case study, where you will need to apply Tableau in a practical way and learn theory by doing.

  • The need for visualization
  • How to use Tableau to make insightful visuals
  • How to perform scripting
  • How to create dashboards
  • How to connect with multiple sources
  • How to integrate Tableau with R


From the course:

The course will help you to:
  • Create intelligent business solutions for data
  • Visualize, analyze, and combine multiple data sets without using any complex scripting
  • Share dashboards with anybody and spread insightful information
  • Display complex analytical problems within seconds
  • Work with data from Hadoop, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and data sets
  • Save time by analyzing tons of data and also connect to data infrastructures by using Tableau
  • Scale from small to large and support growing analytics
From workshop:
  • 21 hours of training in a virtual mode
  • Access to hands-on assignment work that reinforces concepts learned in class
  • Industry experience gained by working on live project
  • Get intensive coaching from experienced professionals

Who can Attend?

There are no prerequisites for attending this course, through knowledge of the R language will help in better grasping the concepts of Tableau. The course is ideal for anyone working for or aspiring to get into analytics.

  • What is Tableau? What does the Tableau product suite comprise? How Does Tableau Work?
  • Tableau Architecture
  • What is My Tableau Repository?
  • Connecting to Data & Introduction to data source concepts
  • Understanding the Tableau workspace
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Data Types & Default Properties
  • Tour of Shelves & Marks Card
  • Using Show Me!
  • Building basic views
  • Saving and Sharing your work-overview


  • Date Aggregations and Date parts
  • Cross tab & Tabular charts
  • Totals & Subtotals
  • Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
  • Line Graphs with Date & Without Date
  • Treemaps
  • Scatter Plots
  • Individual Axes, Blended Axes, Dual Axes & Combination chart
  • Edit axis
  • Parts of Views
  • Sorting
  • Trend lines
  • Reference Lines
  • Forecasting
  • Filters
  • Context filters
  • Sets
    • In/Out Sets
    • Combined Sets
  • Grouping
  • Bins/Histograms
  • Drilling up/down – drill through
    • Hierarchies
    • View data
    • Actions (across sheets)


  • Explain latitude and longitude
  • Default location/Edit locations
  • Symbol Map & Filled Map
  • Custom Geo Coding


  • Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
  • Explain – #Number of Rows
  • Basic Functions (String, Date, Numbers, etc)
  • Usage of Logical conditions
  • Explain the scope and direction
  • Percent of Total, Running / Cumulative calculations


  • Create What-If analysis
  • Using Parameters in
    • Calculated fields
    • Bins
    • Reference Lines
    • Filters/Sets
  • Display Options (Dynamic Dimension/Measure Selection)


  • Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard (overview)
  • Make your worksheet interactive by using actions
    • Filter
    • URL
    • Highlight
  • Multiple Table Join
  • Data Blending
  • Difference between joining and blending data, and when we should do each
  • Working with the Data Engine / Extracts
  • Toggle between Direct Connection and Extracts

Tableau – Home
Tableau – Overview
Tableau – Environment Setup
Tableau – Get Started
Tableau – Navigation
Tableau – Design Flow
Tableau – File Types
Tableau – Data Types
Tableau – Show Me
Tableau – Data Terminology

Tableau – Data
Tableau – Custom Data View
Tableau – Data Sources
Tableau – Extracting Data
Tableau – Fields Operations
Tableau – Editing Metadata
Tableau – Data Joining
Tableau – Data Blending

Tableau – Work Sheet
Tableau – Add Worksheets
Tableau – Rename Worksheet
Tableau – Save & Delete Worksheet
Tableau – Reorder Worksheet
Tableau – Paged Workbook

Tableau – Calculation
Tableau – Operators
Tableau – Functions
Tableau – Numeric Calculations
Tableau – String Calculations
Tableau – Date Calculations
Tableau – Table Calculations
Tableau – LOD Expressions

Tableau – Sorting & Filter
Tableau – Basic Sorting
Tableau – Basic Filters
Tableau – Quick Filters
Tableau – Context Filters
Tableau – Condition Filters
Tableau – Top Filters
Tableau – Filter Operations

Tableau – Charts
Tableau – Bar Chart
Tableau – Line Chart
Tableau – Pie Chart
Tableau – Crosstab
Tableau – Scatter Plot
Tableau – Bubble Chart
Tableau – Bullet Graph
Tableau – Box Plot
Tableau – Tree Map
Tableau – Bump Chart
Tableau – Gantt Chart
Tableau – Histogram
Tableau – Motion Charts
Tableau – Waterfall Charts

Tableau – Advance
Tableau – Dashboard
Tableau – Formatting
Tableau – Forecasting
Tableau – Trend Linesurces

Learning Objectives

Create and use Groups
Understand the difference between Groups and Sets
Create and use Static Sets
Create and use Dynamic Sets
Combine Sets into more Sets
Use Sets as filters
Create Sets via Formulas
Control Sets with Parameters
Control Reference Lines with Parameters
Use multiple fields in the colour property
Create highly interactive Dashboards
Develop an intrinsic understanding of how table calculations work
Use Quick Table calculations
Write your own Table calculations
Combine multiple layers of Table Calculations
Use Table Calculations as filters
Use trendlines to interrogate data
Perform Data Mining in Tableau
Create powerful storylines for presentation to Executives
Create powerful storylines for presentation to Executives
Understand Level Of Details
Implement Advanced Mapping Techniques


  • The basic course "Tableau 2020 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science!" is a pre-requisite
  • Students already need to have Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public installed

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone with solid beginner level skills in Tableau
  • This course is for anyone who wants to take their Tableau expertise to the next level

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