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About This Course

Advanced Excel Course in Delhi Microsoft excel has become widely popular in the modern era where it has several benefits to use for multiple projects. This database application allows individuals to store data, business insights, calculations, and much more which are a merger of widely used software. This article states how excel can be beneficial for different activities if a set of instructions are followed while using excel formulas.

Excel is one widely used application of Microsoft which is designed for building data, storage, collection, alteration, and business activities for a better outcome. Basically, excel has a great vision to facilitate data procurement if formulas are taken into an account for better results of business activities.

In This Advanced Excel Course in Delhi

The best feature of this application which allows users to use excel sheet formulas for several activities. Apart from different functions, users are now getting the top 10 best excel formulas that have great usage for projects. Afterward, users would be learning the top 10 excel formulas that are commonly used while using database applications because it makes your work much easier rather than forcing on hard work.

Every individual must be known these excel formulas for a better learning experience and mastery of excel insights. There are several topics are covered which aim to manipulate the working of database applications in concern with the modern era.

  • What does the formula term mean?
    Best 10 formulas of database software!
  • We have designed an advanced excel course where you would learn the parameters of excel learning. During the course, skill enhancement is the primary motive in concern with modern values or ethics.

What is Excel Formula?

In simple terms, a formula indicates a set of instructions to present a value or result of actions. Basically, with respect to Microsoft then meaning gets comprehended which means an act of operation that indicates results that work on value in a range of cells or raw. These excel formulas have great significance when one inputs the formula for getting results of following those activities.

In addition to this, excel formulas offer to perform calculations that are used for a better outcome such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Apart from it, users can use several core formulas to get positive results in terms of percentile, equitation, and much more. Basically, users can perform multiple activities along with these excel formulas.

Excel Formulas

There are a number of excel formulas that have different functions according to usage if it and users can use these formulas according to their interests or whatever they want to perform. This article would be including some mathematical possessions, content texts, visualization, and lookup formulas for better usage of excel formulas.

  • Sum or Average

The sum or average function performs the mathematical act which is addition. Basically, the sum is the total of selected range cells value which provides the total output. On the other hand, the average function indicates averaging of selected cells to provide better output in concern with a better results.

  • Count

The count function depicts numerical terms which are taken into consideration for a selected range of cells. If users are required to calculate counts then they insert the formula of ‘COUNTA ()’, to get an actual numerical figure.

  • Sub Total

Afterward, a subtotal function is defined as the return of the subtotal function database which can convert into average, sum, addition, and much more. This function involves a total of all selected cells of numerical, texts, and other values.

  • Module

The module is one of most using excel formulas depicting the remainder when a particular number is divided by a divisor to present the actual value. The function works as MOD().

  • Power

This formula indicates the result of using certain power that has great importance of using it. This function works as ‘POWER()’

  • Ceiling

This function rounds to its nearest multiplier of values to show the better result of using the formula. This formula works as CEILING ().


This formula stands as vertical lookup which indicates that value from the left side of the table to monitor the data alteration. This formula depicts as vlookup ()

This formula is similar to VLookup which means Horizontal lookup that depicts the value of the top raw of a table or array of advantages. This formula is termed hlookup ()

This formula indicates a total of cells that are directed to the total desired cells o values. The cells are specified which are under given conditions or criteria.


One of the most used formulas that have great significance is using the formula
This formula requires less processing power as compared with lookup formulas which can term from left to right.

The course covers Index matching, Pivot Table, Macro, VBA Excel, Data entry, etc. The candidates would be learning these aspects and would develop skills with respect to them.

The course is in two modes online and offline which mostly provided online classes in consideration of the pandemic times. The offline classes will resume when the situation gets normal. In fact, courses would be guided or manipulated by highly proficient teachers.

What you’ll learn?

  • Create dynamic reports by using pivot tables from mastering versions.
  • Advanced master of Microsoft Excel from beginner to expert.
  • Building strength in using MS Excel under proper instructions.
  • Learn the most common excel functions throughout the course.
  • Learn excel formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, Index, matchmaking, and other formulas.
  • Maintaining large data of excels in the list of tables.

Why Advanced Excel Course?

  • Enhancement of skills for future prospective

With a realistic and accurate approach to learning in advanced excel, the students will have a bright future in excel which offers various career opportunities.

  • Learning from the best teachers

The students will learn advanced excel parameters through highly expert teachers who have much experience in the field of excel.

  • Best guidance never stops learning.

With dynamic or better learning paths in advanced excel, the students will have a clear path in learning the advanced excel course.

  • Proficient in Advance Excel

By practicing, different teaching approaches, and assessing in advance excel, you would become well proficient in this field.

Course Details

During the classes, the students will be getting access to Advanced Excel Course eBooks that would make their learning effective. With the help of eBooks, the students will easily look upon certain parameters of MS excel that would be beneficial for them.

Along with eBooks, the students will get access to various resources like video classes, practical classes, computerized coding, and so on.

Advanced Excel Course in Delhi this course includes many assessments in excel that has various motive to check your progress report and also give you a brief idea about the advanced excel Course where you are perfect and where you need to work hard.


We are offering multiple ways of getting placed into different companies throughout the placement drive, to our students. Basically, our placement drive invites many companies for better job opportunities, and students participate and secure at least one job. We have a 100% of success rate where candidates could easily grab their best job option.

Advanced Excel Course in Delhi this excel advanced training course follows up on the Beginners Excel 2013 course by delving even deeper into the features and functions of this powerful spreadsheet software.

Microsoft Excel 2013 is much more than a quick way to add up numbers.

In this online /offline Advance Excel Course in Delhi, you will learn advanced features such as nesting IF statements, and how to calculate the Mean of a group of numbers using AVERAGEIF, SUMIF, and more.

In this Advanced Excel Course in Delhi, You will learn about performing lookups with HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP. This tutorial also covers Sparklines and goes in-depth with Pivot Tables and Charts. Finally, you will learn how to create and record your own Macros.

  • Beginner & Advanced level Classes.
  • Hands-On Learning in Microsoft Advanced Excel.
  • Best Practice for interview Preparation Techniques in Microsoft Advanced Excel.

Module 1: Overview of the Basics of Excel

  • Customizing common options in Excel
  • Absolute and relative cells
  • Protecting and un-protecting worksheets and cells

Module 2: Working with Functions

  • Writing conditional expressions (using IF)
  • Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Using lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX)
  • lookup with Exact Match, Approximate Match
  • Nested VlookUP with Exact Match
  • lookup with Tables, Dynamic Ranges
  • Nested VlookUP with Exact Match
  • Using VLookUP to consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets

Module 3: Data Validations

  • Specifying a valid range of values for a cell
  • Specifying a list of valid values for a cell
  • Specifying custom validations based on the formula for a cell

Module 4: Working with Templates

  • Designing the structure of a template
  • Using templates for standardization of worksheets

Module 5: Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sorting tables
  • Using multiple-level sorting
  • Using custom sorting
  • Filtering data for selected view (AutoFilter)
  • Using advanced filter options
Module 6: Working with Reports
  • Creating subtotals
  • Multiple-level subtotals
  • Creating Pivot tables
  • Formatting and customizing Pivot tables
  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables
  • Pivot charts
  • Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tables
  • Using external data sources
  • Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data
  • Show Value As ( % of Row, % of Column, Running Total, Compare with Specific Field)
  • Viewing Subtotal under Pivot
  • Creating Slicers ( Version 2010 & Above)

Module 7: More Functions

  • Date and time functions
  • Text functions
  • Database functions
  • Power Functions (CountIf, CountIFS, SumIF, SumIfS)
Module 8: Formatting
  • Using the auto-formatting option for worksheets
  • Using conditional formatting option for rows, columns, and cells
Module 9: Macros
  • Relative & Absolute Macros
  • Editing Macro’s
Module 10: WhatIf Analysis
  • Goal Seek
  • Data Tables
  • Scenario Manager

Module 11: Charts

  • Using Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using 3D Graphs
  • Using Bar and Line Chart together
  • Using Secondary Axis in Graphs
  • Sharing Charts with PowerPoint / MS Word, Dynamically
  • (Data Modified in Excel, Chart would automatically get updated)
  • Sparklines, Inline Charts, Data Charts
  • Overview of all the new features

An overview of the screen, navigation, and basic spreadsheet concepts
Various selection techniques
Shortcut Keys

Customizing the Ribbon
Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
Changing Excel’s Default Options

Using Functions – Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, County
Absolute, Mixed, and Relative Referencing

Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders, etc
Basic conditional formatting

SumIf, SumIfs CountIf, CountIfs AverageIf, averages

File Level Protection
Workbook, Worksheet Protection

Upper, Lower, Proper Functions
Left, Mid, and Right Functions
Trim, Len, Exact Functions
Concatenate Function
Find, Substitute Functions

Today, Now Day, Month, Year Date Functions
dated, DateAdd EOMonth, Weekday Functions

NEW IN EXCEL 2013 / 2016 & Excel 365
New Charts -Tree map & Waterfall Sunburst, Box and whisker Charts
Combo Charts – Secondary Axis
Adding Slicers Tool in Pivot & Tables
Using Power Map and Power View
Forecast Sheet Sparklines -Line, Column & Win/ Loss
Using 3-D Map New Controls in Pivot Table – Field, Items, and Sets
Various Time Lines in Pivot Table
Autocomplete a data range and list
Quick Analysis Tool
Smart Lookup and manage Store

Filtering on Text, Numbers & Colors
Sorting Options Advanced Filters on 15-20 different criteria(s) EXCEL,

Goal Seek Scenario Analysis Data Tables (PMT Function)
Solver Tool

If Function How to Fix Errors – error
Nested If Complex if and or functions

Number, Date & Time Validation
Text and List Validation
Custom validations based on the formula for a cell
Dynamic Dropdown List Creation using Data Validation – Dependency List

Vlookup / HLookup Index and Match
Creating Smooth User Interface Using Lookup
Nested VLookup Reverse Lookup using Choose Function
Worksheet linking using Indirect
Vlookup with Helper Column

Creating Simple Pivot Tables Basic and Advanced Value Field Setting
Classic Pivot table Grouping based on numbers and Dates
Calculated Field & Calculated Items

What are the Array Formulas, Use of the Array Formulas?
Basic Examples of Arrays (Using ctrl+shift+enter).
Array with if, len, and mid functions formulas.
Array with Lookup functions.
Advanced Use of formulas with Array.

Various Charts i.e. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
Using SLICERS, Filter data with Slicers
Manage Primary and Secondary Axis

Planning a Dashboard
Adding Tables and Charts to Dashboard
Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard

Learning Objectives

Learn how to THINK like Excel, and write powerful and dynamic Excel formulas from scratch
Automate, streamline, and completely revolutionize your workflow with Excel
Master unique tips & techniques that you won't find in ANY other course, guaranteed
Explore fun, interactive, and highly effective demos from a best-selling Excel instructor
Get LIFETIME access to project files, quizzes, homework exercises, and 1-on-1 expert support
Write advanced conditional, text, date, and lookup functions, including XLOOKUP & Dynamic Arrays


  • Microsoft Excel 2013+ or Office 365 (Some features may not be available in earlier versions)
  • Experience with Excel formulas is recommended, but not required (we'll review the fundamentals)

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