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About This Course

Angular Js Training is desgned in a manner that offers skill development and web development parameters for creating web applications or mobile applications. Angular Js Training focuses on learning HTML and Javascript that are connected with the learning of Angular JS training which is a framework to build or alter web applications and mobile software.
The classes are well scheduled and dynamic with respect to modern parameters that help in establishing a learning atmosphere. The course offers how a learner may develop single-page web applications by following essential steps while learning the JS framework. This training course enables qualitative and quantitative approaches that are primary concern with building new web applications on JavaScript programming language as well as HTML programming.

What you’ll learn!

  • Students learn different aspects of Javascript framework and JavaScript case studies that help in understanding Angular User Interface with the help of training prospective.
  • Students learn Node JS training, case studies, and express JS training or express case studies that help in developing front-end web applications. Learn how to build web applications with the help of angular JS as well as develop Mobile applications by using different approaches.
  • The course offers online and offline classes where students make their learning effective by following any kind of learning concern with modern parameters.
  • One of the most affordable courses offered by the institute for potential students who want to explore their learning with this web framework.
  • The city enforces adapting new aspects for a better learning experience like case studies of javascript and HTML under the angular JS framework.

Course Advantages

The course is highly profiled that offers well infrastructural classes that enhance the abilities and outcomes of implementing the Angular JS framework. This course considers a dynamic training course that expands its learning under different framework practices.

Upon completion, of the course, you’ll receive

  • Top tips and masterclass of angular JS through the training course of this practice.
  • Course completion certificate from the best institute with having worth of learning.
  • Grab several benefits by being part of the institute with grabbing multiple membership facilities.
  • Virtual internship certificate in Angular JS framework that helps in grabbing multiple job opportunities efficiently.

Course Details

The course offers various to make your learning effective by offering an introduction to angular JS where students learn how this framework plays a vital role in building web allocations and mobile applications that would be beneficial for your learning. Along with materials, students emphasize their learning by understanding java programming and HTML, CSS, SQL, and other programming software that standardize the learning.

Throughout the course of learning, students get practical seasons, live sessions, and theoretical approaches to make this framework effective. The classes would be facilitated by experts of the institute who have much experience in different programming parameters as well as in this framework. Apart from it, training sessions help in establishing students learning effectively and the dynamic that a student is actually looking for.

Skills Covered

After successfully completing the Angular JS training course, students develop essential skills and make their learning effective in the angular JS framework that is designed with respect to modern parameters.

  • HTML programming
  • Java script
  • CSS
  • Web developer skill
  • Expert in web allocation
  • Content creation or creative approach.
AngularJs Training is another industry-standard and advanced programming language training course designed by InteliGenes to prepare students who wish to go down the complex road of web development.
AngularJs is known as a structural framework to create dynamic apps using HTML and XML. Since it is widely used by business organizations all over the world for web development, it offers great scope and by learning AngularJs by InteliGenes Technologies, the students can open doors to a promising and successful career in web development.
We train with the best of technology, outstanding infrastructure, latest, and most advanced course material taught by the best instructors in the industry.

AngularJs is an open-source web development JavaScript framework based on HTML and CSS designed by Google. It is used to develop web pages and applications with Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and is considered one of the most demanding Java frameworks these days.

In AngularJs Training provided by Inteligenes, the students will get an in-depth analysis of using AnglularJS in various designs and development to form robust and user-friendly apps.

With our highly qualified and certified instructors, the participants will learn various effective ways of adding AngularJs to HTML and cover its vital elements which include directories, filters, events, controllers, modules, routing, single page application, data binding, dependency injection, and much more.

The course has targeted those students and professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and take on AngularJS projects. Anyone with some specific programming language understanding can join this course and give wings to his career in the IT field. The course can be completed within 1 – 2 months and soon after, they can join a reputed firm for a Java programmer profile.

  • AngularJs is one of the most powerful JavaScript-based web development frameworks to build the RICH Internet App.
  • Ability to write client-side applications in a clean MVC way using JavaScript.
  • It is an open-source and completely free web development framework used by millions of business owners, thus offering a higher scope in the IT field.
  • It is easy to learn and implement as compared to other programming language frameworks.
  • Very useful for web developers, project managers, and testing professionals in their profession.
  • Allows the developer to use HTML vocabulary to create applications.
  • AngularJs is completely extensible and works well with other libraries.
  • Every feature can easily be modified and changed to fit the requirements.

Choosing AngularJs Training Course will certainly help you lead a promising career in the coding world as we provide the user with needed guidance, updated course material, and an incredible learning environment to help them hone their programming skills.

We encourage every student to learn each concept of the highly demanding framework along with certification, thus giving them a competitive edge over others when applying for the job profile.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn everything you need to know about the AngularJS framework

Getting To Know The AngularJS Framework

  • What Is New And Different About AngularJS
  • Model View
  • How You Should Be Thinking About AngularJS
  • How To Access Your Working Files

Views, Controllers, And Built-In Directives

  • Application Setup
  • Interpolation And Controllers
  • Built-In Directives
  • ngRepeat
  • ngClass, template, And include
  • ngModel
  • $Scope.$Watch
  • Remove Scope Watcher
  • cloak


  • Built-In Filters
  • Tricks With Filters
  • Custom Filters

AngularJS Service Types

  • How To Think About Services
  • Constants And Values
  • Factories
  • Services
  • Providers
  • Decorators
  • Dependency Injection


  • How To Think About Directives
  • Breaking Down Your First Directive
  • Working Through Your First Directive – Part 1
  • Working Through Your First Directive – Part 2
  • Working Through Your First Directive – Part 3
  • Compile And Link Functions
  • Directive Communication Channels
  • Transclusion
  • Data

Routing And Promises

  • Basic Routing – Part 1
  • Basic Routing – Part 2
  • Redirects
  • Promises
  • Resolve

Routing Events

Advanced Scope

  • Scope Events
  • $Scope.$Apply – Part 1
  • $Scope.$Apply – Part 2


  • How To Think About Testing
  • Unit Testing:

E2E Testing:

  • Practices For Production Apps
  • Serving AngularJS
  • Organizing AngularJS Modules

Interacting With Servers

  • $Http
  • $Resource
  • 3rd Party Libraries
  • Angular UI
  • Firebase
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Wrap-Up

Learning Objectives

Learn everything you need to know about the AngularJS framework


  • A willingness to learn cool stuff

Target Audience

  • Web Designers and Developers

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